Easy WIC inspired recipes

Veggie Platter For Thanksgiving

Turn Your Vegetables Into A Festive Snack Board Looking [...]

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Celebrating Labor Day Weekend: A Time To Recharge, Relax

Labor Day weekend is almost here! For Texas WIC [...]

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The Versatility of Canned Chickpeas

A WIC Mom's Pantry Superhero! Canned Chickpeas Recipes From [...]

Recipe Using WIC-Approved Foods

Foil-Packed Potatoes Made On The Grill These grilled potatoes [...]

Our Favorite Recipes for July 4th

Use WIC Foods For Festive [...]

Summer Sheet Pan Recipes With WIC Foods

Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy quick and [...]

Breakfast Important Meal For Expecting Moms

A woman’s body goes through so many changes during pregnancy. [...]

Make (and Eat) The Perfect Easter Eggs

Making Easter Eggs is fun for kids and adults. Here [...]

WIC Inspired Recipes – Chilaquiles & Salsa

CHILAQUILES & SALSA  Makes 2 servings. SALSA 1 large onion [...]

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